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Welcome to Wags Pet Spa Blog!

All new -I am excited to share some of the tricks of the trade

Professional Dog Grooming - Dog Sporting Activities - Dog Treat Reviews - Dog Toy Reviews

Sooo.... where do I start - The aim of this blog is to be as inclusive as possible - reviewing some of our favourite brands and an in-sight to professional dog grooming too!

Professional quality dog grooming services Wolverhampton

Wags Pet Spa will attempt to explain why we do what we do in the dog grooming industry plus lots of extra bonus features to do with all things dog! - Mostly reviewed from previous experience and my own dog..

Professional Dog Grooming

Most dogs do need regular grooms, whether that is at home or in your local groomers salon - here at Wags Pet Spa Willenhall, we try to be as open and honest as possible with your dogs safety as our number on priority

This Blog

Keep up to date and gain in-side knowledge direct from us! - Follow us on facebook

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