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The Puppy Introductory Grooming

Set your new family member up for success

French Bull Dog Blueberry facial, wrinkles, deep cleand a deshed full groom, Wolverhampton frenchie

The Puppy Intro

Helping puppy progression

Our puppy grooming service is arguably one of the most important services out there for your pet.

Set your new family member up for success by allowing them to experience a professional grooming salon from a young age. Even if your pet won't need regular grooming visits, we highly recommend two or more puppy intro's to ensure you dog is happy and relaxed while being groomed at any point in their life.


Our puppy grooming service is available for any pup clear of their vaccinations and up to 5 months old.


The Puppy intro will include the following, or as much as the individual pup will allow without stress, anxiety or harm:

  • Breed Specific Grooming

  • Reduced Stress Grooming

  • One-on-One Attention

  • Bath, including two washes

  • Gentle introduction to drying equipment

  • Full body brush over

  • Nails trimmed, including dew claws

  • External ear area cleaned

  • Paw pad, sanitary and armpit trim

  • Clearing pup's eyesight from hair

  • A complementary dog cologne spritz spray to finish

  • Additional spa's can be added onto full grooms.

The Puppy Intro

And its’ importance


It’s always exciting, inviting a new family member into your home but let's talk grooming for your new furry friend.


What is a puppy intro groom @Wags Pet Spa?

A puppy intro groom is exactly as it sounds, it is a relaxed way to get your puppy used to the sounds and smells of Wags Pet Spa’s award winning salon.


What is included in a puppy intro groom @Wags Pet Spa?

The intro will include as much or a little as your pup will happily tolerate. Every pup develops at different stages, we don’t want to frighten them, but let them know that dryers, water and clippers are nothing to be afraid of, and that they should behave when pointy objects are about such as scissors. It is to include a bath, brush, blowdry, clearing around the sanitary area, eyes and paw pads, plus a nail clip.


My dog doesn’t need regular grooming, should I bother?!

The answer to that simply is yes! If you plan at ANY point in a dogs life to take them to any professional groomer, set them up for success rather than failure. Book them an intro session so they won’t be totally surprised when they’re older.


Who is a puppy groom @Wags Pet Spa for?

The puppy intro is recommended for any pup who is clear of their vaccinations and under 5 months old. From our experience, we recommend two puppy grooms within this time. So get them booked in!!


What makes Wags Pet Spa the best place for your pup?

We have lots of experience with a variety of breeds over the years. Award winning services and honest feedback about your pets visit.


Why is a puppy intro so important?

We feel that calm intros are extremely important. Every pup will view the world differently and develop their own way to deal with life, much like humans. Dog grooming can be risky to pet and groomer, at the end of the day we don’t have our hair cut while we’re running round like a loonie.

New and existing customers can view our LIVE availability day or night via our online booking system:

If you are an existing customer signed up to the Wags Pet Spa Portal, you can keep all of yours and your pets details up to date any time, view past invoices, book appointments and more. 

If your pet has any specialist requirements, please get in touch or add notes onto your online booking

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