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Matted Pets

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Cocker Spaniel Full Summer grooming session at luxuary wags pet spa salon in willenhall

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Experienced matted pet grooming

From time to time we understand pets can become knotty and matted which is why we are here to help with no judgement. Whether it is because your pet has been having extra fun getting wet out on their walks or because life has simply got in the way.
We will advise upon drop off of your pet which will be the best option for your pet during their visit, often once a pet has become matted it will mean they will have to be clipped short, under the matting . This provides them with instant relief from tight hair.

Matted Pets and Clipping


A matted coat is never good for any pet. This pulls on the skin, creating a tight feeling and in more extreme cases, bruising where the skin has been continuously tight from a long period of time. A matted coat also prevents air flow from getting to the skin and can stop blood circulation too. This in turn can cause many other issues such as yeasty skin, skin conditions, alopecia, bruising, the perfect home for fleas, lice and ticks, hematomas, hidden injuries and much more. Matting can be prevented by visiting your local Wags Pet Spa Willenhall groomer more often, combined with regular brushing at home.


Clipping a matted dog is high risk to your pet, however is much needed! If a knotty coat cannot be brushed out (able to get a comb through) using professional products, you may find that your groomer has to clip under the affected area. Some dogs accept more brushing than others, and some dogs skin cannot cope with the continuous brushing to remove knots.


Clipping under knotty/matted, where we cannot see the skin with ease can reveal pre-existing issues, whether new or old such as cuts/scrapes, ticks, lice, fleas, rash’s, loose skin, warts, bruising and more. Your Wags Pet Spa groomer will have taken all precautions not to aggravate new or old conditions and will always proceed on the side of caution. We have numerous blades which we change during a clip off to ensure the risk of skin irritation is minimised.


How can I tell if my dog is matted?


If you cannot get a metal comb through your pets coat, we would class this as matted/pelted. Depending on your dogs coat type, we often recommend a combination of using a slicker brush and a metal comb at home. Once the metal comb will flow smoothly through ALL of the coat, to the skin with no snags, this is when you know your pet is knot free and can have any length you like when groomed at the salon. If however a metal comb will not go through your pets coat to the skin, we may have to discuss alternative styling or clip off for the pets welfare. Every pet and pet coat type varies, therefore speak to your Wags Pet Spa professional groomer who will advise how to prevent matting going forwards. Wags Pet Spa staff will consider the dogs welfare above any styling.

How to avoid matting


Speak to your Wags Pet Spa groom professional about getting your dog on a regular grooming schedule. We will adapt your visits and style to suit your pet and their lifestyle.


My dog had been clipped short because of matting, what should I do?


We advise that you keep a close eye on your dog once they have returned home.

Clipping under knotted/matted coats can cause the skin to become irritated and pink, therefore ensure your dog does not scratch or lick any areas excessively. If you think your pets skin has become irritated, we recommend using Lleucillin to help sooth.


When matted ears have been clipped short, ensure your dog does not shake

 their head as there is a high risk of hematoma. These are not caused by 

groomers, however because of blood flow fully returning to the ear.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding matting, please speak to your 

Pet Spa groom professional, where we will always advise to the best of our 

knowledge and with the dogs welfare as number one priority.

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