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Shampoo: Which dog shampoo should I use?

Lets take a moment to talk about dog shampoo's, is it all about the shampoo, which ones ones are used at Wags Pet Spa, which have been trailed, why we picked what we did and where can I get this from!?

When it comes to professional dog grooming, it is super important to ensure the dog is squeaky clean before you even begin to think about styling (with the exception of a few, but that's a story for another day) - We want crisp, clean, knot free and a totally dry dog before we use any cutting tools - There is a good reason for this in which we shall discuss in a different post.

Yes and no.... the shampoo you choose, or in this case your groomer chooses will deeply impact the quality of the final groom at your chosen groomers, but it is most important that it is diluted, applied, rinsed and dried effectively and with the correct techniques to ensure the best results! - Again, some of this will be discussed in other blogs.

Cute dog in bath being groomed

But which one do we use... We used a brand called Groom Professional, and have done for a years now. We have trailed and tested other brands over the years but this one in our opinion give the best results in our salon and our clients always comment just how great the dogs smell and how long it lasts too!

Over the years we have tested plenty of shampoo brands, which include but not limited to

Peanut and Pickle, Bugalugs, Wahl, Animology, Pets at Home, Double K, Johnsons, Mutneys and many more.

We are not to say that these shampoo's are not worthy of our valuable pennies but... we found that groom professional provided the best bang for your buck, with exceptional cleaning ability when used correctly.

But why did we ultimately decide that this is the product for us!? Decent value for money when you purchase their 4L bottles, the dilution rate of 20:1 is very good, it lathers up beautifully and leaves the coat lovely and clean with a nice crisp but silky finish all at the same time - What more could you want!?

But where can I get this from?!

You can buy it direct from Wags Pet Spa, either online or in store - check it out today - Available in 250ml and 4L bottles

or through amazon affiliate

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