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Additional Fee's

No hidden costs here at Wags Pet Spa

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T's & C's Overview

Be in the know

Like many other pet salon's we have terms and conditions to protect staff, pet and you as a customer.

You can view full terms and conditions for more information, however below covers a few basic's you should know.

Our additional fee's are there to ensure the smooth running of our pet business.

Pet matting fee's: depending on the severity of the matting and each individual pet will influence the matting fee, this generally ranges between £5 and £45 per pet but this to the discretion of the groomer.

Flea/tick/lice fee's: We do not accept pets into the salon knowing that they have any of these, however should we find any unwanted friends, there will be a minimum charge of £25, which covers the cost of salon decontamination and flea bombs.

Late collection fee: Grooming does not cover daycare fee's, therefore we do charge £8 per each 20 minutes the pet remains with us after agreed collection time. We run on a well planned booking system which allows every pet time needed for their groom.

Late payment charge: Should you be unable to pay on the day of groom (before closing), there will be a processing & admin fee of £15

Hard to handle fee: Although we don't accept aggressive dogs due to the risks it involves to groomer and pet, there are some dogs which need additional support, this may be use of a cone, muzzle, a second person to hold the pet. Fee's start at +£5 per pet.

Additional cleaning fee's: We understand that sometimes pets do have accidents and we allow for this, however should a dog toilet excessively there will be a +£5 charge.

Spa treatments: Additional spa treatments are totally up to you,we will recommend those which will truly benefit your pet during their visit, why not give them an extra pamper.

New and existing customers can view our LIVE availability day or night via our online booking system:

If you are an existing customer signed up to the Wags Pet Spa Portal, you can keep all of yours and your pets details up to date any time, view past invoices, book appointments and more. 

If your pet has any specialist requirements, please get in touch or add notes onto your online booking

View our Terms and Conditions

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