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The Full Dog Groom

By your local professional Willenhall Dog Groomer


The Full Groom

Give your pet the groomer they deserve

Here at Wags Pet Spa Willenhall, we believe that honesty is key. We will discuss your pets individual styling requirements, whether that be a short smooth all over, a tidy trim or just a really good deshed treatment!

We use the highest quality products available, proven and tested by our very own pets! Only the best!

  • Breed Specific Grooming

  • Reduced Stress Grooming

  • One-on-One Attention

  • Bath, including two washes

  • Blowdry with some of the best equipment out there

  • Basic De-shedding included 

  • Full body brush over

  • Nails trimmed, including dew claws

  • External ear area cleaned

  • Paw pad, sanitary area and armpit trim

  • Full all over styling included to breed standard or modified to suit

  • A complementary dog cologne spritz spray to finish

  • Additional spa's can be added onto full grooms.

New and existing customers can view our LIVE availability day or night via our online booking system:

If you are an existing customer signed up to the Wags Pet Spa Portal, you can keep all of yours and your pets details up to date any time, view past invoices, book appointments and more. 

If your pet has any specialist requirements, please get in touch or add notes onto your online booking

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