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Spa Treatments

Make your pet feel extra special

Yorkshire Terrier Spa treatment, blueberry facial, conditioner, whitening shampoo, full groom wolverhampton

Additional Spa Treatments

The perfect end to the perfect groom

Luxury spa treatments are now available to add onto any pets full groom or puppy intro with Wags Pet Spa, Willenhall, Wolverhampton. Just let us know on arrival.

Your leading pet grooming professionals.

  • SPA Blueberry Facial

  • Shampoo Upgrades

  • The Super Conditioner

  • Paw and Nose Balm

  • Fresh Breath Foam

  • Leave in Conditioner Spray

  • Finishing Shine Spray

  • The Super De-shed

  • Plus seasonal variations

  • NEW* Preventative Flea Spa

You can now treat your pets to our specially selected treat and chew range in store or online

New and existing customers can view our LIVE availability day or night via our online booking system:

If you are an existing customer signed up to the Wags Pet Spa Portal, you can keep all of yours and your pets details up to date any time, view past invoices, book appointments and more. 

If your pet has any specialist requirements, please get in touch or add notes onto your online booking

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