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Small dog Jack Russel grooming and photo shoot, dog groomer rent a table, Willenhall, Wolverhapton


Willenhall  -  Wolverhampton

Run your grooming business from Wags Pet Spa

Where every dog and groomer has the space they deserve

Professional Dog Groomers Willenhall, Wolverhampton

Wags Pet Spa Facilities Overview:

  • On-site parking for your customers.

  • Large reception and waiting area with seating.

  • Internet access.

  • Bright and welcoming.

  • Large grooming and bathing areas.

  • Hydraulic or electric table including H bar's and tie equipment.

  • Holding pens and holding crates.

  • Dog play area.

  • Toilet.

  • Kitchen area including microwave, fridge, washer and dryer.

  • Pote to integrate with Wags Pet Spa.

Weekly rental requirements:

  • You should keep your area clean at all times.

  • Your working days should be pre-booked with owner at least 1 month in advance.

  • No dogs from different households should be mixed together.

  • You are responsible for your customers, their dogs and  yourself.

  • Your pricing should be within £5 of Wags Pet Spa as to not undercut other groomers.

  • You will assist in keeping communal areas clean.

  • No poaching of other business clients from Wags Pet Spa or other rent a table groomers.

If you are interested in renting a table at Wags Pet Spa in its prime location, then please do get in touch.
I am flexible and relaxed, but believe in honesty, quality and pet welfare are the most important things.

 If you have the same values, then please do get in touch to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Are you a qualified and experienced dog groomer looking to rent a table within an already established grooming salon?

Then look no further, we are the place for you.

Here at Wags Pet Spa, we strive for the best of the best for ours and our customers furry friends. Where every pet gets the space and respect they deserve.

How it works.... You will already need to be registered as self employed, have your own contact details for customer booking system and ideally come with an established customer base. You will get use of Wags Pet Spa between Monday to Saturday for up to 5 days per week between 9am - 6pm.

The basic details:


35% of turnover to cover rent and utilities

Keep 65% of turnover

Minimum or 2 days rent per week at £40 per day

Outline of what you get use of:

You will get use of a grooming table (either hydraulic or electric), to include full H bar, noose & belly strap on the days you have rented. Ability to use against wall or away for easy access.

Use of shared large steel bath suitable for small and large dogs with noose and belly strap and shelf for storing your shampoo's.

Blaster/force dryer for drying.

Use of towels, washer and dryer.

Use of up to two crates for holding dogs not being groomed (various sizes, no space for your own pet dog to stay at the salon).

No utility bills (gas/elec/hotwater included).

Use of Wifi Internet.

Use of shared toilet facilities.
Use of shared kitchen area.

Use of cleaning equipment for Wags Pet Spa property ie. disinfectant sprays, brooms, bins.

Use of reception and waiting area for customer consultations.

Own set of keys for use between opening hours.
Use of one customer parking space.

Space to bring small storage locker.

Groom up to 7 dogs per day between 9am & 6pm Mon-Sat.

Potential to be featured on Wags Pet Spa website/facebook.

Potential help with holiday cover.

Basic outline of what you will need:

Proof of qualification/experience.

Proof of insurance.

Registered self employed.

Booking system.

Phone and business contact details.

Customer base.

Business cards.

Payment system ie. own card reader.

Shampoo's & Conditioners.

Grooming equipment ie. clippers, scissors, brushes, nail clippers etc.

Cleaning items for personal equipment.

You are forbidden to poach Wags Pet Spa customers and are not employed by Wags Pet Spa. You're welcome to send customers to Wags Pet Spa. 

To inquire please email

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