Professional Dog Grooming Miniature Schnauzer Wags Pet Spa


Your local Willenhall Dog Groomer & Photographer

Dog Grooming Expert   -   Specializing in your pet

Your local, exceptional service pet groomer

Professional dog groomer, Wolverhampton, Willenhall

Quality products for all pet owners.

Jack Russell Terrier Luxuary Full Groom
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Teeth Cleaning

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Every pet deserves fresh breath and a white smile. Plaque and tartar build up removed.

Fluffy Bichon Frise Quality Dog Grooming
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Dog Grooming

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Pricing

Everything your pet deserves.

Bath, Brush, Blowdry, Nail Clip and more!

Professional Full Dog Groom Wolverhampton, Yorkshire Terrier
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Capture today's 


Make forever memories.
One to one photo studio and portraits to suit every household.

French Bull Dog Grooming and Photo Shoot Wolverhampton
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