Dog Grooming in Willenhall, Wolverhampton

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All of our dog grooming packages include a FREE 8 Point Health Check and a spritz of our Luxury Perfume.

Puppy Groom

Designed to get your puppy used to being bathed, blowdried and brushed. A trim around the eyes, bum, feet as well as a hygiene clip. This package is ideal for puppies under 4 months old.

Bath n Brush

After those muddy walks, this package is designed to give your pooch a spuce up. This package includes two warm baths, one to remove dirt and the other to clean and freshen the coat, a blow-dry, a brush to detangle the hair, followed by a spritz of luxury cologne.

Mini Groom

A Mini Groom is designed to spruce your pooch in between regular appointments. Giving them a bath and brush aswell as keeping their eyes trimmed, feet tidied, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and bum tidy.

Full Groom

A full pampering session includes two baths, blow-dry, brush, nails cut, ears cleaned, hair removed from underneath the pads and then styled/haircut to owners requirements.

¬†Professional Veterinary Recommendation‚Ä謆¬†

Wags Pet Spa are one of the few pet groomers within the region to be officially recommended by a veterinary practice namely Vets For Pets in Shelfield. As not only do we deal with providing your pet with a beautiful and well-turned out appearance, we can go further by offering, by request, each pet a free 8-point health check.

 Independent, Impartial  

Due to Wags Pet Spa being independent, an impartial and unbiased range of treatments and care products are available. This, combined with our in depth knowledge and advice, means the customer only receives what they actually require. Every person’s pet is different we understand this and respect your pet’s needs accordingly.

 Well Qualified Staff  

Our staff hold a selection of qualifications and experience, that show their thorough training within this field.

 Wags Pet Spa are Award Winning  

 All our customers can have peace of mind that while your pet is in our care, it will be groomed to the highest standard and will be given the greatest level of care at all times.

¬†Passionate about Pets‚Ä謆¬†

We care about all the Pets we come into contact with, and make every available effort to make their treatments as stress-free and pleasurable under the circumstances as possible. This duty of care and attention is what we pride ourselves upon, and feel it is conveyed in the end result of every pet we have had the good fortune to meet. We look forward to meeting your pet, and discussing how we can assist in their appearance and hygiene routine.

A delightful place where your pet will be spoilt and pampered.