De-shedding & the Super De-shed

By your local professional Willenhall Dog Groomer


Who gets a deshed?

Give your pet the groom they deserve

Here at wags pet spa, we believe that dogs who need a deshed should get one included in every groom they have. There is no additional charge for this unlike many other salons.

Why you may ask... the simple answer is that they need it, therefore a basic deshed is included in every groom.

Who is a deshed for? Any breed of dog or cross breed which sheds. ie Golden Retrievers, Siberian Husky, French Bulldogs, some Poodle cross breeds and many more!

We do offer a super deshed which at just +£5 per pet and it is great value to add on for those who want a perfectly detailed finish and even more coat/thickness removing, along with a silky soft long lasting finish.

What is the basic deshed and how does it benefit?

  • Healthy coat

  • Healthy skin

  • Removes excess undercoat

  • Increased airflow to the skin

The Super Deshed

  • Super Conditioner

  • Helps prevent matting

  • Helps prevent a compacted coat

  • Long lasting silky shine

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