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Dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of care for your feline friend, Wags Pet Spa is the choice of many discerning cat owners across the Midlands. We offer a stress-free environment at our salon in Lichfield, where your pet will be treated by our talented and well-qualified staff. All breeds are catered for including Persians, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Birmans, British Shorthaired and general household Moggie.

We specialise in all cats.

Appearance is King

If you care to watch your pet performing it’s own cleansing ritual, you’ll notice how much attention to detail the animal pays to every square inch of itself nothing is missed or ignored. Here at , we’re equally as thorough, if not better. Our treatments and procedures are very kind and gentle to the cat, but tremendously thorough too.

Plenty of TLC

In order to maintain a healthy and happy cat, our cat grooming beauticians offer services that require tender loving care to undertake no need for restraints or a general anesthetic.

Where other groomers fail to correctly handle and tackle even the most difficult tasks, we step in! We have a policy not to stress or cause unnecessary harm to your cat in our care during grooming. Your pet’s safety is paramount.

Full Service includes:

  Total removal of dead moulting hair without unnecessary clipping.

 Nail Clipping.

 Facial including ear cleaning.

 Coat trimmed if required.


 Badly matted coats clipped down/undercoat groomed out without the need for anesthetic just tender loving care.

 All breeds groomed, Persian or similarly coated cat. Cat Grooming is our speciality.

Vet recommended

We are building our reputation far and wide by:

 Grooming cats the caring way, giving your cat a stress free experience.

 Specialist techniques developed by Wags Pet Spa over many years of dedication, patience and devotion to cats.

 Minimum of two cat grooming beauticians to one cat.

 Only one cat treated at any one time, no distractions and in a Peaceful Atmosphere.

Wealth of experience

As our training, qualifications and over 40 years’ combined experience have taught us, no unnecessary procedures will be undertaken. Wags Pet Spa techniques have been developed carefully and painstakingly over time, with nothing but dedication, patience and devotion to cats.

What You Can Expect From Wags Pet Spa:

 A thorough consultation so we can exceed your expectations 

  Stringent hygiene procedures.

 Individual grooming sessions between rest periods (dependent on the condition of the coat).

 All types of coat condition treated, from the badly matted to the standard  undercoat-strip groom.

 All cats handled with patience and understanding regardless of temperament.

 Don’t worry if your cat is nervous, aggressive or elderly all this will be taken into consideration when groomed.

 Expert handling procedures enabling in depth grooming to be performed.

 Bringing out the Natural Glamour of your cats coat

As our name indicates, we strive to making the appearance and cleanliness of your cat to be exceptional.

A delightful place where your pet will be spoilt and pampered.